Today is Wale Wednesday once again, and in the past week dc has seen some big changes. Treaties with Russians, Internets neutrality, not asking or telling anymore and the shocker… Agent Zero is splitsville down to Orlando. Sad face.

Arenas’ 4th quarter theatrics were what made me become a Wizards fan, and now their just another hapless NBA team with one young player surrounded by some shit (Nick Young is the dude though). It’s hard to think all those playoff runs and winning seasons are forever in the history books, and that the big three (Gilbert, Butler & Jameson) never truly amounted to anything but falling short to LeBron & Cleveland.  Thankfully the Capitals are in their prime… barring some international incident that involves Ovie & some AK’s.

Wale-The Black N Gold

p.s. 24/7 is the shit and on right now on HBO