Yesterday we started at 10 and went to 6, well today is the conclusion. Much more hip-hop/rap during this installment, and if you know me well #1 shan’t come as a surprise.

5. Kanye West-My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Unfortunately MBDTF would have easily been my number one, had it not been for all the guest appearances. I put that album on my iPhone to hear Kanye and only Kanye, not Cudi, Raekwon, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj or the 1000  people on “All Of The Lights” (that song was great when it was only Rihanna on the hook). Plus Runaway is NINE! minutes long, what the hell is that? I don’t have time to listen to that shit.

Kanye West-Devil In A New Dress featuring Rick Ross

4. Chiddy Bang-Air Swell/Hoodie Allen-Pep Rally

Number 4 is a tie between two young up and coming artists, who made two made fine mixtapes in 2010. Both went to school in Pennsylvania, Drexel & UPenn respectively and both should be included as top newcomers in XXL next year.

Chiddy Bang-Under The Sheets

Hoodie Allen-Swimming With Sharks

3. Two Door Cinema Club-Tourist History

Number three consists of the emerald isle’s own Two Door Cinema Club, I stand by the fact that there is no bad song on Tourist History or their 2009 EP Four Words To Stand On. Each song is upbeat and dare I say perfect? That could be hyperbole… anyway, you’ve probably heard “What You Know” on MTV &  on promo spots for that one show where that normal-ass dude follows non-traditional folks around. Life of somebody or something. Fucking play music videos.

Two Door Cinema Club-This Is The Life

2. Matt & Kim-Sidewalks

Sidewalks is the shiz. The end.

Matt & Kim-Block After Block

1. Vampire Weekend-Contra

Like I said, no surprise here.

Vampire Weekend-California English

Vampire Weekend-California English Pt. 2