Hey! You guys like Asher Roth?!

Yeah, I mean I suppose he’s okay… he is better than Eminem. No lame songs filled with violence towards Kim, never a song contemplating kidnapping his daughter. And I just realized I went off on a tangent, my b.

Soooo, here is Asher Roth’s (looking like a broke-ass Nick Novak [Fmr Terps Kicker]) newest project, most likely gearing up for a new album of some sort.

“The first CD I ever bought was Dave Matthews Band’s Crash…That is how suburban I am…I finally got into hip hop in ’98 when I heard the Annie sample with Jay-Z”

-Asher Roth

Holy Shit, I just found that quote on Wikipedia… Asher and I are the same people musically… I should start rapping. Now.

Asher Roth-Gotta Get Up

Asher Roth & Nottz Raw-Rawth EP