As 2010 dwindles away, I couldn’t help but get my first post in with my “Obligatory Best of 2010 Countdown.” To introduce myself, my name is Demian and I’m a long-time friend of Noah. Over the past few years, we’ve argued constantly about our divergent and occasionally overlapping tastes in music, so what better way to bring the argument public than a top 10 list that has only two albums in common (to give you a hint, neither is the extremely overrated Contra).

Before I get into it, let me take a moment to name some honorable mentions for this great year in music. 2010 saw great sophomore performances by Matt and Kim, Yeasayer, and Frightened Rabbit and a shitty regurgitation by MGMT. It gave us yet another great Belle and Sebastian album, an extremely overrated debut by Big Boi. However, none of these albums will be recognized in my inaugural top 10 list.

A hint of what’s to come: an obvious rap album, the most underrated album possibly of all time, the usual highly-praised outputs of some music greats, and a punk album that made me consider moving to New Jersey. The full list will be out after some soul-searching and skipping of rocks, in 2011. Happy New Year everyone.