…’Cos this is where is this entry is coming from.

Yesterday I gave you guys Jai Paul (no relation to former Georgia Tech superstar), and today I’ll give y’all another artist I’m excited to hear more from in 2011.


It’s Yelawolf.

Crazy Huh? Maybe a little, but can you really hate on someone wearing a Natty Lite shirt, with a catfish tat, who raps about partying in a non-annoying way (Asher & Gucci)? Well I certainly can’t… actually I kind of can, a little. “Daddy’s Lambo” was produced by Chris Pfaff… yes. That Chris Pfaff from Rob and Big & Fantasy Factory, Rob Dydek’s alleged cousin and all around “Why-the-fuck-is-he-famous” type dude. Other than that small little hiccup Yelawolf comes through with a crazy flow.

Yelawolf-Wanna Party featuring Gucci Mane
Yelawolf-Daddy’s Lambo