Last night whilst watching some Discovery Channel (gettin’ my learn on, yaaaa digggg?) an automobile advertisement crossed my path during one of those inevitable commercial breaks. To my surprise it was a rather good spot, it contained the made-over 2011 Ford Explorer and was backed by a Nordic tune that really piqued my interest. After a small search it became clear that the song was by Jónsi, the lead singer from Sigur Rós. I must admit, I’ve never heard any music from either act until now. This makes me ashamed of myself and my relatively close-minded musical tastes. I rarely give anything the time of day, unless I’ve heard of the band before and it took a damn car commercial for me to hear this delightful song.

Jónsi-Go Do

p.s. I wonder if Ford knows of his “alternate lifestyle”, personally I don’t care… To each his own.