No intro necessary. It was tough, but here are the top 5 albums of 2010.

Noah’s edit: Check out part 1 of Demian’s countdown here.

5. LCD Soundsystem — This is Happening

Although the fact that James Murphy said that this was the band’s final album tended to inflate it in the “Best of theĀ  Year” rankings, it’s still a great way for an incredible band to exit the stage. Although it doesn’t come close to the sophomore Sound of Silver masterpiece, this album did give us “All I Want” which is one of the best songs they’ve produced in their all-too-short career. Plus the video for “Drunk Girls” is awesome.

4. The Arcade Fire — The Suburbs

A hauntingly beautiful album that anyone who has lived in a “community” should listen to. This is coming from someone who has consistently argued that “Funeral” is deeply overrated.

3. Janelle Monae — The ArchAndroid (Suites II and III)

Easily the most underrated album of the year. I had the pleasure of seeing Janelle open for Of Montreal at 9:30 Club a few months ago and all I have to say is, the black Lady GaGa is a better musician and has much cooler friends.

2. Girl Talk — All Day

I’ve never met someone who disliked Girl Talk. Listening to one of his albums is like listen to the entire pop music canon after being smashed with a hammer and put back together again by an idiot savant five-year old. He makes crunk rap, pop, and oldies get along and somehow makes the lines “Pull over, that ass is too fat” seem beautiful.

1. Titus Andronicus — The Monitor

I don’t like New Jersey. I don’t especially like punk music. Then Demian, why does a New Jersey punk band earn the 2010 title? Because it’s that fucking good. Strewn with old Civil War quotes, these guys somehow liken the struggle between Jersey counterculture and the generation that came before them to the bloody battles of America’s past. They are rebellious youth in its finest form and they finally polished their act and made the music great. The enemy is everywhere…and you will always be a loser.