When someone says Wye Oak my mind runs back to a Saints Peter & Paul field trip during my Elementary School years. It was a trip to (among other things) a 460 year old tree. Those were more innocent days, filled with naïveté and never once a bad thought. I believe the day the Wye Oak was struck down in a severe lightning storm was the day I turned in to a man. No longer was I able to run around the trunk of the tree that was approaching the 5 century mark. The Wye Oak was the oldest White Oak  (quercus alba) in the entire country and now nothing stands in it’s place but a plaque and a newly germinated tree. My childhood memories are now a desk in the Governor’s office, being used as a serving dish to sign outrageous bills into laws.

Now that I’m done reminiscing, a Baltimore duo have taken the name of the legendary tree and have become quite a notable band… after Beach House paved the way (funny how it is). I don’t know much about this Wye Oak, they certainly don’t produce acorns and I doubt they live 15 minutes from where I call home. But they do make better sounds than an old tree whose soliloquies only consisted of creaking and the rustling that came from the wind blowing through her leaves.

Wye Oak-Civilian