I’m not the biggest fan of what Saturday Night Live has become, I find their jokes hackneyed and I might describe most of the show as hokum. Jimmy Fallon is to blame. I prefer SNL during the 90’s, when Sandler, Spade, Farley and Rock made America laugh. I thought the emergence of Andy Samberg meant Saturday Night Live’s return to prominence, then Hot Rod came out. Fucking dumb.

However I must admit last Saturday’s episode was damn fine, I was drawn in by Jim Carrey (the actor, not Caps goaltender) who hosted. I knew with his presence and The Black Keys performing SNL might be worth watching. Carrey made In Living Color great, and he did the same for SNL while hosting on Saturday. I propose NBC hire Carrey, it’s not like he’s been making good movies lately…

Now with all that said, enjoy the Black Keys’ set after the jump.

The Black Keys-Howlin’ For You

The Black Keys-Tighten Up