Happy Wale Wednesday to you and yours!

Today This week I wanted to wanted to honour a fallen artist, one who was instrumental (no pun intended) in the evolution of Hip-hop/rap and I’m not talking about Wale today. I’m talking about J Dilla. His production can be found on Beats, Rhymes & Life (sounds like a corny 100s level class) all the up to Common’s Like Water For Chocolate and is still getting credited on albums like Raekwon’s new jaunt. If Hip-hop had a Hall Of Fame (which it probably does) J Dilla would be Sammy Baugh, artists today are influenced by his work & still use his beats… now thats a segway.

I mentioned Like Water For Chocolate earlier, here’s Wale’s take on “The Light”.

Wale-The Light

Fun Fact: On Common’s 2000 release, LWFC, 11 0f the 16 tracks were produced by J Dilla (Jay Dee)

p.s. Stay tuned for Throwback Thursday with two songs, each produced by J Dilla!