“Ok, lets go.”

“Mullyman Wiremix 5.”

“Shouts to Wale.”

“Travis Porter I see you.”

“Mully lets get it, c’mon!”

Thanks for the input Dj Boo-man, you ruined this mixtape for me. Why the fuck do you feel the new to shout out to every motherfucker in Baltimore City, Baltimore County and even Anne Arundel? Is it because you didn’t do any real production here? Let’s be real, you stole jacked some beats from famous people (and you have been since the first WireMix with The Sun on the cover). Look, I’m not hating on spitting on other’s beats because as far as I’m concerned I’d rather hear Mully put it down on “Respect My Conglomerate” than Busta or Weezy F. anyday. That’s one of my jams.

You didn’t shout to everyone on Wiremixes 1, 2 or 3 (I don’t have 4, and can’t find dl link), I don’t need to hear “Shouts to Ray Rizzle” on the track. Let Mullyman do that. No one downloads “Black & Purple” to hear Dj Boo-man.

Ugh. Sorry I had to get that off my chest.

I have two complaints for the mixtape mentioned above, you heard the first one but If you can look past all the shout outs (I can’t) this is a pretty good collection of beats and rhymes.The second complaint is the absence of Nik Styles, Mully’s sis and fellow 92Q freestyle champ.

Mully is really a good artist, and I can’t comprehend why he isn’t nationally known. I have a theory that it involves being on his own record label. I have another theory that it takes a good baseball team to produce good rappers, but that’s a different discussion for another day (but think about it… NY has Yankees, Atl has the Braves, Miami has the Marlins and LA has both the Dodgers and Angels). Anyway, I highly suggest picking up any one of the WireMixes and giving them a spin. Each one is a good listen.

Mullyman-Black & Purple (wiRemix)

DL Vol. 5 here!

ps. Go Redskins, The Ravens are just some bullshit and will never be the Colts. I will be rooting for Shittsburgh on Sunday.