Okay, I’m gonna give everyone here a little background, and a discourse on why the Pens are gay and then we’ll get into that new ‘Ye and Jay song, deal?

First of all Shittsburgh is a dumb city, your baseball team sucks and I don’t really care about AFC teams, so no cheap shots at the Steelers… Cheap shots, get it? Take that James Harrison! I’ll give you the fact that you have a pretty cool Restaurant/Brewery that was once a church, but it doesn’t hold a candle to Ben’s, The Palm or Citronelle. PNC Park is a gem of a stadium, but it’s wasted upon a bunch of shitbums who aren’t worth their weight in peanuts. And I’m sure Consol is a nice place to take in a Pens game, but we all know that franchise should have been moved to Kansas City.

At one point in time, I did like the Penguins. This was when I was eight and didn’t know any better, but to this date Lemiuex is still my favourite player of all-time. The Pens weren’t all that hateable back then, but during HBO’s 24/7 you can really see the players for who they truly are. Mike Rupp is a faggot, Maxine Talbot is a creepy pedophile and we all know Sidney is the biggest crybaby this side of the universe.

I felt the need to express my opinion in writing about Steckelgate. It’s clear as day that Sidney skated into him, the collision was far from Stecks’ fault. I’m pretty sure they teach you to keep your head up and watch where you’re going in lessons or Bantams or Mites or whatever level Sidney started at. Don Cherry, the epitome of annoying, flamboyant douche who needs to stfu has come out in support of Sidney. Cherry thinks the NHL should do a better job at protecting it’s star players, and punish for hits like the two Sidney suffered prior to his stint on the couch watching the games. Steckel didn’t change his path and did nothing wrong, and thus did not deserve to be reprimanded and he wasn’t. The second hit was complements of Victor Hedman four days after the Winter Classic, and was a normal play and far from dirty. Nevertheless, Sidney felt the need to complain about it. You should probably stop complaining and play hockey, if you didn’t want to get hit you should have played tennis, golf or basketball. It’s truly a shame that your talents are overshadowed by whining. I’m willing to bet Super Mario, Gretzky or “Rocket” Richard never complained about taking hits, but then again they were men.

Kanye West & Jay-Z-H.A.M.