What kind of dc blog would this be if we didn’t include tabi’s new jaunt? The answer to that: A shitty one.

I’m currently listening to Postcard From Above, and I’m very excited. This is tabi’s best effort to date. Don’t get me wrong, I love Dope, Fresh and A Fly Guys Theme but this is different. It’s almost more polished, and tabi comes through with rhymes and lyrics which are unparalleled by any of his previous albums. The beats are great, especially ones which (time out: Sunset Blvd just came on, and I creamed my pants [it’s samples “Listomania”]) include indie tracks like “Listomania” and The Cults’ “Go outside”. What’s left to say?

In summation dl Postcard From Abroad today, give it a spin and call it a day. There’s nothing you can do with your time that I would consider more productive.

tabi Bonney-Sunset Blvd

tabi Bonney-Go Outside