First, allow me to get in to some breaking NHL news right quick. Matty Perreault & Braden Holtby have been assigned to Hershey… along with Jay Beagle. Personally we here don’t care about Beags so much as we do about Matty and Holtby, no slights towards Jay but #70 & 85 are 2 of my personal favourite young Caps.

Secondly, Dammmmmnnnn that Yelle jaunt is tight!

With all that said, the All-Star break (foreshadowing) began last night right after the shutout loss to the Atlanta (Quebec) Thrashers (Nordiques) (ed. note: we all know atl’s move to Quebec is inevitable). I’m rather excited for this ASG, and I’m not sure why. It won’t determine home-field (ice) advantage a la MLB and their won’t be any flashy dunks or dingers landing in the stands, but what it does have is class and certainly a dash of fun.

At this point I’m sure that you’re questioning how an All-Star game is foreshadowing for the song below. Boom! Kurtis Blow, that’s how.

Kurtis Blow-The Breaks

Fun Fact: Kurtis Blow says “Break(s)” 84 times.