It’s unavoidable, it’s Superbowl week. Ugh.

I’d rather be in Chinatown, taking part in the Chinese New Year celebration and then walking inside to the Verizon Center… That’s right, the big game that I care about is Pens v Caps. Not some over-hyped advertising machine known as the Superbowl. Maybe I’d be more receptive to the match-up if a.) the Skins were involved or b.) the Skins were involved. Honestly, I hope the Pack wins for the simple fact that they lost to dc early in the year.

Anyways, Lil’ Wayne has jumped upon Wiz Khalifa’s beat and laces together a verse about the Packers… I’ll say it. Wayne, you’re a fair-weather fan. How are you gonna be rooting for the Packers after growing up in the NO? That’s messed up. And the defense saying “I’ve been a fan since I was young” doesn’t account for shit, that just means you jumped ship from the Saints because Brett Favre was throwing TD’s, winning a Lombardi trophy and multiple MVPs. Which is bullshit.

Lil’ Wayne-Green & Yellow

Ed. note: I officially decree that the “Black & Yellow” beat is dead, after this point in time (2/2/11) no person(s) shall attempt a remix, verse or parody pertaining to a team, school and/or city.