With a lackluster game, dreadfully boring commercials and two of the worst musical performance I’ve ever been forced to digest, thus ends Superbowl 45. Where to begin?

I guess we can start with Christina Aquilera, apparently she flubbed a few lines of The Star-Spangled Banner. I didn’t even notice, and don’t even act like any of you did until someone pointed it out. Is it even a big deal? Yes, she had weeks to practice and yes, some may consider that the most important part of the game, but who cares? It’s an honest mistake, get over it. Hundreds of millions of people were watching her worldwide, so lets chalk it up to nerves.

Secondly, the game. Apparently there was a second big game after the Pens & Caps (and after all the crap and before and after all the commercials). Who outside of Wisconsin thought the Packers would win? Seriously? To quote Lil’ Wayne: “They call him Big Ben, but he weak though/we in Dallas, but we Lambeau leap ho“. With just a tick over 2 minutes left I really thought, Big Ben would have led the Steelers to victory. Needless to say, on a personal note, I’m delighted the city of Shittsburgh suffered two losses yesterday. However, I’m sad Mike Tomlin didn’t pull off another Superbowl win (he and Dungy being the only two black head coaches to ever win the big game).

The Half-time Show.

Barf. Fucking seriously. Who the hell thought it was a good idea to have to Black Eyed Peas perform all their 3 hit songs? And under no circumstances should anyone try to sing a Guns and Roses song, other than Axl. I will admit Ushers falling from the sky and the glowing people dancing around were nifty ideas, but it was half baked. Okay. Hey Usher was available. Right? Why not let him perform the entire show? Oh guess the fuck what? You’re in Dallas, maybe a classic country act? Garth Brooks… Kenny Chesney. I don’t care who, but almost anyone was better than the BEP’s.

As always the big game has failed to live up to expectations. That shit sucked and I’m done ranting.

p.s. Fergie is gross looking.