Boom! and just like that a new Hoodie Song, granted it be on someone else’s mixtape… but do you care? That’s right you don’t.

“Lift Off” is the title of today’s track and hey it incorporates a snippet from Fast Times At Ridgemont High, a movie that helped me get through pledging oh so many semesters ago. After getting home I’d put either FTARH or Juno on and fall asleep… and likely sleep through my History class #Whoops.

I’m not sure who Fortune Family are, I’ve actually never heard of them until today. However, they have recently released the aforementioned mixtape. After a quick search I’ve found that they’re a hip-hop duo (shocker) from suburban Philly #barf.

Fotune Family-Lift Off featuring Hoodie Allen

p.s. DL that mixtape free here!