As the title infers, this is a post about the author of this particular blog-a-book. I’ve wanted to do a post about who I am for a while now, and the 100th entry is certainly a fitting time.

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Unless you’re a good friend of mine or a facebook stalker, you probably don’t understand the things I do or what I like. Although I’m sure that with a little research and gentle scrolling, you could come up with my name and some of my favourite artists. Wale, Chiddy Bang, A Tribe Called Quest, Hoodie Allen, Vampire Weekend and a little Tabi… but that’s not the whole list. In fact none of those artists have made my favourite songs, albums or even mixtapes. So let’s run through some things real quick:

Favourite Band: Weezer, I’m willing to bet not too many of you had that. The true is, I’ve been a fan ever since hearing “Buddy Holly” and seeing the video for it.

Weezer Fun Fact: I own an album by their webmaster & honorary member Karlophone a.k.a. Karl Koch

All-time Favourite Album: It’s actually a tie. As you could probably guess it’s Weezer, oft referred to as “The Blue Album”. The distinction of other favourite goes to a small band from Nevada whom you may have heard of (as they have recently sold out), The Higher’s first full lenght release Histrionics. Unfortunately,  I hate dislike (hate is too strong) anything they’ve recently recorded. The cover of Ne-Yo’s “Closer” was unnecessary.

Favourite Classic Album: Blood on the Tracks, by Bob Dylan.

Favourite Song: “Subterranean Homesick Blues” or “Highway 61 Revisited”, by Bob Dylan. I can’t decide.

Favourite Song by Artist (if I have over 50 songs by the artist):

  • Beastie Boys-Sure Shot
  • The Beatles-A Day In The Life
  • Chiddy Bang-Under The Sheets
  • Clipse-Freedom
  • Counting Crows-A Murder of One
  • Flogging Molly-Swagger
  • Jack Johnson-Taylor
  • Jay-Z-Feelin’ It
  • Kate Nash-Mariella
  • Kenny Chesney-Back Where I Come From (I tend to play country when I miss home)
  • The Kooks-Naïve
  • Lil’ Wayne-BM J.R.
  • M.I.A.-Mango Pickle Down River
  • Modest Mouse-Convenient Parking
  • Oasis-Morning Glory
  • The Smiths-This Charming Man
  • Tabi Bonney-Escalator
  • Talking Heads-Psycho Killer
  • Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers-Refugee
  • A Tribe Called Quest-A Million Stories
  • Vampire Weekend-Campus
  • Weezer-El Scorcho (or) Paperface
  • Wiz Khalifa-Thrown

1st Albums I ever bought:

  1. Dave Mathews Band, Under The Table and Dreaming
  2. The Rembrandts, LP (don’t judge me, who didn’t like the Friends theme?)
  3. Jay-Z, Vol. 2… Hard Knock Life (first hip-hop album)

I’ve been to a handful of concerts: Pearl Jam & Ted Leo at  The Verizon Center (free), Charlie Mars, a WRNR  Private Showcase featuring Peter, Bjorn & John (which was fuckin’ cool) and lastly Tien, a local artist (more about him later… maybe). I don’t really feel the need to go to concerts, they don’t appeal to me. They’re loud, filled with people doing illegal things and I’d rather put that money to a sporting event ticket.

Next, my name is Noah and I’m a student at Frostburg State University. I am a proud resident of Maryland and now some fast facts.

  • My SmarTrip has $-1.20  on it.
  • I really used to like country music, and I still play it when I get homesick.
  • My Chesapeake Bay Retriever was named Chesney.
  • My favourite 2 presidents are McKinley & Teddy Roosevelt.
  • I’ve only been to ten states (MD, DE, PA, VA, NC, WV, KY, NJ, OH, NY).
  • Eleven if dc ever earns statehood. #DoubtIt