As I mentioned earlier in the day, Lights was released to the U.S.

Another thing that excites me, if you ever followed either one of the To Kill A Mockingbird blogs I did prior to this then you’d know I’m quite the fan of Ms. Goulding. In fact, I’m pretty sure I fantasize about moving into a cottage with her in the suburbs of London and raising 2 children… all of whom are Chelsea fans… But that’s probably crazy.

Anyway, Lights got a reworking of sorts. A few tracks were cut, some were added. Nothing new assuming you snapped up the re-release (Bright Lights). If you have yet to check out Ellie, please do so now (iTunes).


I loved Lights since hearing it over a year ago, and the only reason the US release doesn’t earn a perfect score is due to the delay of the release. Why did it take a over a year for this to show up in the States? Hype Machine has been blowing up with her songs, but her label is too restrictive.

Rating: President Theodore Roosevelt (4/5)