Yessssir! Today’s the day.

I’m giving it a listen now, “Be Alone” & “Freaks & Geeks” aren’t exactly new if you’re internet savvy.

I’m getting into “My Shine” now: My first impressions are that I’m surprised it’s sooooo polished, this is damn near album quality. This is defiantly Gambino’s foot in the door.

“Lights Turned On”: Wow, a really fast paced track. I dig it. I do feel like the beat could probably be a track on an Abercrombie soundtrack. Still my jam though.

“Not Going Back”: “I’m the boss, Micheal Scott” (Not exactly earth shattering but I’ll take it) I actually think this one is the standout track of the entire EP, and a great way to end it.

Childish Gambino-Lights Turned On

Childish Gambino-EP

Rating: President McKinley (5/5)