I’ve been a Lupe fan for a while now, it all started Freshman year a guy on my floor got me into his Rhyming Ape mixtape and I never looked back (Hell, I even bought a hard copy of The Cool). With all of that said, I unfortunately have mixed feelings about the album itself. Now before you click on to some other blog realize that this comes as a result from the politics behind the release and the very fact that Lupe doesn’t love every song. To be frank this isn’t his Sgt. Peppers, and it’s a departure from Food & Liquor and The Cool.

I listened to Lasers today, but I didn’t have an open mind going in. I thought “If Lupe hates it, why should I even care?”, I now wish I had never read his interview with Complex. Don’t get me wrong, “Words I Never Said”, “All Black Everything” and even “Break The Chain” are all quality tracks that are instant classics. But. And this is a big but (like Trina [sorry]), the album in it’s entirety just doesn’t have replay value to me. It’s not an album I could put in my cd player and let it go and listen straight through for weeks or months at a time. I’m optimistic that this will change and Lasers will grow on me and for that reason I will give the album a 3/5.

This is a must listen for any self-respecting hip-hop/rap fan, but Lu’s early albums overshadow this effort. I hope Lupe can leave his current label, Atlantic, and find a place that lets him have the creative control that it takes to make a real follow-up to The Cool.

Rating: President Gerald Ford 3/5

Ed. note: I feel Ford represents the very definition of adequate, didn’t do anything wrong and didn’t blow anyone’s socks off either. Most likely a forgotten President within the next 150 years.