I’m pretty excited to release this mixtape to the world, none of these songs are new (but some may by new to you).

Track list and download after the jump!

It’s not really a big secret, but I miss home. I’m up in Maryland’s mountains, at school. I miss being home in my bed, seeing my family and friends and eating at familiar restaurants with seafood. Real seafood, caught in a river just down the road… not gross imitation crab meat or even worse other crab meat (from The Philippines).

I created this mixtape with songs that remind me of being home, and listening to the local radio. These are the songs that take me back to sitting in the car driving down Rt. 33 to St. Micheals or down Rt. 333 headed to Oxford. Songs that remind me of the summer and working in the sun and having fun, being careless and carefree in Easton, MD. No matter where I end up in the world, I’ll always be fondest of where I was born and where I was raised. A lot of people don’t understand why I love my town so much. I try telling them that it’s the perfect place, but I suppose they don’t see the Eastern Shore like I do… most have only driven through on the way to the beach. A 5 minute ride on Rt. 50 doesn’t do E-town justice, I guess you need 23 years to fully grasp every possible upside.

Georgie Avenue presents: Home (The Mixtape)

Ed. note: All photography was actually shot by me!