Completely my fault, I wish I had remembered to do this prior to going out… but oh well.

I know they don’t celebrate St. Patty’s in Ireland, but we do here in America… and as someone with a wee bit o’ Irish heritage, March 17th is one of my favourite holidays around. I love it. I love the green beer, shopping cart races (St. Michaels) and the general spirit of the day.Weirdly, I’m up at school for March 17th. Usually spring break coincides with St. Patty’s, but not this year… otherwise I’d be pushing a friend down Talbot St. trying to win a dumb free T-shirt. But with all that said, this year’s festivities were just as good, and I had green beer for the first time ever. Quite an oddity since I’ve “celebrated” in years past.

Oh, did I forget the music? I love the music. Flogging Molly, Dropkick and the Pogues… but more emphasis on the first one, here’s 3 of my favourite tunes from the Irish rockers.

Flogging Molly-Drunken Lullabies (Acoustic)

Flogging Molly-Swagger

Flogging Molly-Factory Girls

Ed. note: Props to Ireland for beating down England in the Six Nations today.