I swear that was the only non-weird photo of the Knife I could find.

Nevertheless, I’m currently killing time before the puck drops at the Bell Centre and my Caps take on Les Trois Couleurs. After making my coffee and watching the thrilling conclusion of Major League II (worst movie ever), I was sucked in by one of my favourite shows now in syndication on Comedy Central, Scrubs.

Scrubs was a great show in it’s prime, prior to that writer’s strike that killed everything. In most episodes they wrapped the preceding 22 minutes up with a catchy song that left you fumbling for your Shazaam app… Not me. Not today. I recognized the lyrics I was hearing, I knew it was “Heartbeats” but I never heard the song ’til  three weeks ago and I never heard the original before today. Thanks to the Hype Machine.

The version in the end of the episode “My Hard Labor” wasn’t the original either. That was by José González, from his 2003 album Veneer.

The original came from Sweden in late 2002, and it was by The Knife. It was apparently well received by critics, I’m honestly surprised I’ve never heard either track… All it took was a British songstress covering the song on BBC’s Radio 1. Now I’m not sure which is better, but I know I’m not the biggest fan of the original.

The Knife-Heartbeats

José González-Heartbeats (The Knife Cover)