My attention was brought to The Gentlemen yesterday, they’re playing Towson University’s Tigerfest this year… and hey! The guy on the left looks suspiciously familiar. Matthew Robinson, we called him Matt or Mattfunkel (more informally).

Anyways The Gentlemen are a four piece out of Baltimore… and that’s all I really know, I could liken them to a Black Keys… a bluesy rock band almost (I can almost hear some The Format influence, but I can’t be certain). Check them out below and if you like what your hear, buy the EP.

The Gentlemen-Misty Hill Blues

The Gentlemen-She Goes

Buy their debut EP …Are Coming on iTunes and be sure to get over to Tigerfest ’11 on May 6th at Unitas Stadium!

For even more about The Gentlemen, peep their website.