Just like the 2011 Ford Explorer commercial with Jonsi’s “Go Do”, we have another intriguing advert with catchy song that’s probably stuck in your head as I type.

Heineken isn’t exactly my first choice in beers, I’d probably go with Blue Moon and Stella first… and then National Bohemian assuming the Orioles are on. I do like the fact that Heineken sponsor the UEFA Champions League (C’mon Chelsea), and I do like their commercials… but to be frank, the beer tastes like ostrich piss. Far too bitter for my tastes.

I didn’t mean to go on such a tangent about different beers, because after all my discerning tastes about beverages are not what you come here for, nor is it my expertise. I’ll stick to sports, music and general politics and law.

Presumably you are here because you like The Asteroid Galaxy Tour or you want to know what the song is that goes “Sing it out loud” and accompanies the ad you see above. Well, even though I meant  to do this post this song days ago, here it is without delay.

The Asteroid Galaxy Tour-The Golden Age