Man, I just got out of a huge test. It covered nearly 40 Supreme Court cases, it was the first time I ever took the entire time to complete exam… my brain is burnt out now. I don’t even know how I’m writing this at the moment, all I know is that there’s some new 30 Rock on tonight AND my 1st place Orioles are out for redemption tonight versus the hated Skankees, Angry Birds.

Now, for the musical aspect of today’s post I’m including an older track from Hova that dealt with his run-in with the law. I was young when this track came out, middle school I think, and I never fully understood what Jay was tried for until now… apparently he stabbed a dude… and we all know what R. Kelly did…

Jay-Z-Guilty Until Proven Innocent featuring R. Kelly

p.s. More coffee for me, and maybe a nap. I deserve it.