I’m restraining myself from including a picture of like Kelly Slater surfing in Oahu or Maui…

However, there is some good news. I got my Gmail account back! Amidst the 112 emails was a confirmation link for my SmarTrip, a notification of a class action lawsuit I’m entitled to (thank you EA Sports NCAA Football 2009-2011) and a few lines from a Finnish band persuading me to share their music.

After adding my cell number to account (allowing Google to sms me my password) and changing my secret question to something other than “who da best?!”, I will certainly oblige and share some music nearly a month after the fact… after I Gchat a little.

I don’t know much about these guys, they have a Facebook (I don’t anymore) and yeah… that’s about it. So check them out below.

Big Wave Riders-It’s Funny Things Aren’t Gonna Change

Big Wave Riders-Big Sound

Big Wave Riders-Republic Of The Average

For more about Big Wave Riders check their Soundcloud and FB!