I’m trying something new today… I’m actually posting from an iMac. This is very scary, I have no idea what I’m doing and a successful post with all the right code would be a lucky conclusion to this test run.

My PC is at the end of it’s days, and is probably going to get it’s last rights read to it very soon. Therefore I need a new computer and it’s down to a Sony or an iBook. PC’s are all I’ve known, I grew up with Windows ’95 (Ski Free was my jam). I like the idea of the simplicity of a Mac but I feel I can better manipulate something that runs off Microsoft. I’m rambling, aren’t I? Also, I like a mouse with two buttons.

Anyway, I missed posting yesterday as I was digging up a mammoth Crabapple tree and planting it in my side yard… also watching those lame-ass Collaspitals bow out of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Mos def some shit, I blame Nicky Backstrom and some bad bounces. Oh well, it’s baseball season. Here’s some Wale remixed.

Wale-Pretty Girls (Cadence Weapon Mix)

ed. note: I kinda like this Mac, plus before the Fall semester they usually offer a free Nano with the purchase of an iBook.

P.s. Be on the look out for the next Georgia Ave. mixtape!