I’m sorry, I lied.

I’m not procrastinating, but taking a break instead. I’m making a pretty good case for the legality of AZ State Bill 1070, Supremacy Clauses be damned! Just kidding, I feel this law is in accordance with the Constitution including Article IV, Clause 2.

Anyways, I finished piecing together the next Georgia Avenue mixtape, I simply need to grab some sweet artwork and upload this thing to the internets. As per the usual, I figured I would offer one track like I did the first time. So here you go: track 8 from Home pt. Deux is “Strange Overtones” by David Byrne (lead singer from Talking Heads) & Brain Eno.

David Byrne & Brian Eno-Strange Overtones [audio  http://www.filefreak.com/files/799183_mkczm/07%20Strange%20Overtones.mp3%5D