Last night I had a dream about playing Scrabble with Tyler on the beach, it was really weird and random.

Now I haven’t done a review in awhile and it’s reading day here at Frostburg State, so I want to do something productive and since Goblin was released Tuesday… why not?

I’ll be honest here, the subject matter is something different. If you have a weak stomach or a closed mind please scroll down to the next post now.

Goblin” is the first track and the first thing that comes to mind is all the artists OFWGKTA get compared to, I hear Wu-Tang comparisons the most times but honestly I don’t see or hear that. Tyler has ridiculous, and often slanderous lyrics and I immediately think Eminem, from The Slim Shady LP. Each artist talks of murder and problems with parents, and that may be presumptuous and shortsighted but the only difference is Tyler has a better flow and better, harder beats.

Yonkers” was the first track I had ever heard from Tyler, I saw the video. I liked what I heard even though the video was a bit off for my tastes.

“(What you think of Hayley Williams?) Fuck her, Wolf Haley robbing them/
I’ll crash that fucking airplane that that faggot nigga B.o.B is in and stab Bruno Mars in his goddamn esophagus..”

…and that may just be the line of the year.

“Radicals” talks of burning shit,  kill people and disregarding schools. For some reason this track echoes back to early Beastie Boys. Not before you chastise me and claim hip-hop heresy, allow me to say the beat and vocals sound like they belong on Paul’s Boutique. With that said, this has been my least favourite track so far.

She” features my favourite OFWGKTA’er, Frank Ocean. This is a really good track and a departure from the subject matter, for the most part. I think Ocean adds a nice R&B touch without being fucking gay or stupid, SEE: Bobby Valentino “Mrs. Officer”. As “Transylvania” begins, I wonder where the hell this flow came from. This one really caught me off guard, in a good way. Tyler unleashes an unparallelled flow here, this could be the track that makes the album. The next track, “Nightmare” makes me think I spoke too soon about “Transylvania” being the album’s best song. The beat on this one is crazy, it’s like Pharrell met with the dude from Atmosphere and had a kid and that child produced this track.

Tron Cat” is the return to the viscous beats and lethal rhymes, not too fond. But it’s not bad. I like “Her“, it’s much like “She” but is about a relationship gone wrong… I feel ya bro, but where’s Frank Ocean on this one? “Sandwiches“, need I say more? If you think I do watch this. I swear I just heard a Big Boi feature on “Fish/Boppin’ Bitch“, no I’m just kidding. It was Tyler. “Analog” is a pretty solid track.  It, like “Sandwiches“, features Hodgy Beats and I think it really showcases OFWGKTA’s diversity and ability to transform their sound.

Bitch Suck Dick” is so far the only track I think is an abomination, not the bitches sucking dicks but the features are weak as fuck. Jasper Dolphin and Taco have little to no talent at all, where the fuck is Earl Sweatshirt? He would have killed this track… just saying. “Window” sees quite a few features, including Domo Genesis, Frank Ocean, Hodgy and Mike G. and all four come through with solid verses, while this 8 minutes long it’s all quality.

Nearly a minute into “AU79” I want to know what the fuck is going on, is this a Depeche Mode song? No words just synthesizers. If Tyler doesn’t make it rapping, he’ll have a long career producing. I can promise that. “Golden” is the last track, this is another one I’m not crazy about but I still don’t dislike it. It’s the content I don’t really like listening to, but it’s what I expected going in to this.

Burgersounds a lot like “Sandwiches” to me, just different lyrics. On to the next one.  Actually, after hearing more of and Hodgy’s verses, I really dig it.”Steak Sauce” is the last track to the Deluxe edition, and he more less flips the script again with his flow.

I’m not completely sure what I listened to, I’m slightly confused, yet intrigued. I want to go check out Bastard, but then again I don’t. I liked this album a lot, it wasn’t what I expected to be honest. I thought there was going to be much more “stab this, rape that and burn shit” but honestly anyone who thinks Tyler is just going for shock value and isn’t talented hasn’t truly listened to anything but “Sandwiches” and perhaps “Yonkers“. Goblin is much more than violent lyrics, it’s most likely something that would will get Senators with nothing to do raise their voice in protest and clamor about how Tyler isn’t a role model. I think that those who write off OFWGKTA should actually give this album a listen, I did.

Rating: President Richard Milhous Nixon 3.5/5

I don’t normally use Presidents not outlined by my reviews system, but Richard Nixon is the perfect description of Goblin. Both misunderstood, both great beyond their exterior and both not what you think. Nixon is usually defined as a bad guy, thanks to Watergate but doesn’t the end justify the means?