As the title states, I have another new one from Death Cab. I’m pretty sure I promised not to post anything new until the album was released, but oh well.

I really like this one, which makes 2 tracks from Codes & Keys I like and 2 I dislike. Let’s be honest “Some Boys” isn’t even real. In no way should that have been a single.

Back to “Underneath The Sycamore”, I really do enjoy this song. I accredit that to the repeated use of the word Sycamore, the smell of the London Plane Tree is something that truly reminds me of being home and at work… it’s also makes me sneeze uncontrollably, but it’s worth it. I love gathering the seed ball to throw at my co-workers while they ride around in John Deere Gators.

Death Cab For Cutie-Underneath The Sycamore