In the trials and tribulations of the Major League Baseball franchise that is the Washington Nationals, they’ve had some pretty big screw ups. Most include spelling errors and mistimed fireworks, but you didn’t think they’d really play Cee Lo’s “F— You”, did you?

Each home game the Nationals honor injured veterans during the 3rd inning, in fact they reserve nearly 30 seats right behind home plate (those tickets would usually go for around $150 a piece to you and I) just for these brave men and women. It’s a warm and fuzzy moment and always results in a standing ovation, it’s typically sound tracked by “God Bless the USA”, “Where the Stars & Stripes & The Eagle Fly” etc.

Well… not this time. This time the Nationals chose to switch things up and use a recently recorded version of “F— You” with all the objectionable lyrics switched around to bring recognition to America’s fire fighters. As you would expect this created quite a stir in Nationals Park, even though it was in good taste. Except them to go back to playing the America-centric songs of the past.