Sorry for the lack of posts, this has been a rather full week.

I had to pack up all my worldly possessions and move back home to the illustrious eastern shore of Maryland. Naturally the weekend was filled with quite a bit of indulging in the things that make me love where I live. St. Micheals winery, Cantler’s riverside restaurant, enjoying the mall and I even got to try on my next pair of running shoes.

In all that time I couldn’t find the time to answer the question of day 10 in the 30 Day Song Challenge: A song which makes me fall asleep. This is tough. I’m sure I could post Secondhand Serenade (that actually just came to me, I already uploaded the track I’m gonna use), but instead I went with a time-honoured favourite. Modest Mouse.

Back when I was in the prime of my partying ways and in my first semester at Frostburg, I used to follow a pretty standard regimen to battle hangovers. I’d wake up relatively early, grab a ham & cheese omelet, 2 glasses of gatorade and go back and take a nap. While napping I’d usually just put Modest Mouse or Jack Johnson on shuffle, The Moon & Antarctica was my prime choice. So here’s “Gravity Rides Everything”.

Modest Mouse-Gravity Rides Everything