First, let me say fuck the Boston Red Sox and Big Papi. You have absolutely zero class. You people bitch and complain about the littlest fucking thing, I’ve had enough. There’s no question, I hate the Yankees and prior to last night’s game I had no real issues with the Sox fans. Here’s a news flash, most of you are fair weather fans and 95% of you don’t know who Bill Buckner was. You’re no longer welcomed at Camden Yards. Just because you can’t afford a game at Fenway doesn’t give you the right to invade the stadia of the 29 other teams.

p.s. Kevin Gregg should be inducted to the Orioles Hall of Fame today. Damn I wish one of his haymakers would have landed on that steroid-infused fat Dominican chin.

Okay, on to the music. I’ve been soaking up a lot of radio lately and abstaining from the blogosphere. This benefits all parties. Here’s a track that gets some regular rotations on WRNR but is absent from

Brett Dennen-Comeback Kid (That’s My Dog)

p.p.s. I haven’t forgotten about Georgia Ave, and I’m trying to cobble together a summer mixtape.