Does this post really need any explanation?

Hell, it doesn’t even need a fucking title. Honestly, all I have to say is this shit is great. Go buy it.

I’ll buy this album if I find a copy of it on wax… that’s how high my opinion of Watch The Throne is. This is The Lion King, Sgt. Peppers and The Catcher In The Rye all rolled into one. If Watch The Throne were a baseball team it would the ’71 Orioles. If WTT went to college it would have won the Heisman it’s sophomore year.

From the moment I heard “No Church In The Wild” I was sold, the combination of Jay and Yeezy with the soulful crooning of OFWGKTA’er Frank Ocean got me hook, line and sinker. Each song seems to outdo the former, it’s nearly impossible to pick a favourite track. “Niggas In Paris” is the cut I want to crank up the most, second goes to “Gotta Have It”. “Gotta Have It” is redonk, I can’t even describe it. The two artists flow so seamlessly together, like The Blue Angels pulling aerial maneuvers.

It seems to me that hating this album is ridiculously fashionable.  I believe the saying goes “haters ‘gon hate”. I don’t want to hear: “this album is just about nothing, just Jay & Ye talking about how great they are”.

I’d point to a few tracks to refute that. “New Day” is a about their future sons and how they’ll raise their kids better than they had it… and as a child from broken home I can certainly understand where they’re coming from. “Murder To Excellence” is another serious track, one that strays from bravado-filled bars. It is centered around black-on-black crime and how a race should come together rather than fight against each other.

After all is said and done this is a classic, I don’t give two shits about who said what and negative reviews. This is easily the best album of the last 11 years and probably the best thing since Oasis’ Whats the story… Give it a spin, and another and one more. I’ve listened to this it at least 4 times since downloading yesterday, and it only gets better.

Rating: President McKinley