Okay, let me begin this post with saying that I’ve been to a few concerts one was Pearl Jam at the Verizon Center (tickets were free), and the other two were singer/songwriters at a small coffee shop (I don’t really count those) and most recently native Marylanders O.A.R. at Merriweather Post Pavilion. This certain stop on their summer tour is a pretty big deal, for one because it’s home and secondly it’s the last show of the tour.

I was pretty skeptical in the months prior, primarily because I didn’t know very much of their catalog and also because Eddie Vedder put me off from seeing musicians live. But as the 13th approached I was getting more and more excited, I began listening to more and more of O.A.R.’s classic material… “Black Rock”, “City On Down”, “Hey Girl” etc. and even their latest album King.

In short the show was awe inspiring and I’ll be sure to make the trip to Columbia next summer to see them. Each and every song was unique to that show, you can bet you’ll never hear the same song played the same way twice. I only knew 12 of the 21 songs they played, but that didn’t matter. The song that won me over was “Lay Down” from Stories of a Stranger, they interjected the chorus from Talib Kwali’s “Get By”. Awesome. From that point on (the 7th song) I became an O.A.R. fan for life.

The concert was far from over at that point, fellow DMV’ers Virginia Collective and SOJA (I’ll post up some of their songs later) jumped on stage for a finale and played Bob Marley’s “Stir It Up” AND I won a poster that was signed by each member of O.A.R. and all I had to do was donate a dollar and spin a wheel!

O.A.R.-Black Rock

O.A.R.-Lay Down

O.A.R.-That Was A Crazy Game Of Poker