This whole debate over Maryland’s new football uniforms has got me thinking, we are a proud state (the best damn state in the union) and don’t take kindly to all the talking heads on ESPN and other outlets calling them “Hideous”. That’s our state’s flag everyone is insulting. I have had one hanging in my room since 2009, and it’s comprised of the most beautiful colors in the spectrum (I also have 2 pairs of socks and a fraternity hoodie with an old flag used as the material for the letters).

What I’d like to do in this post is make a list of the things that a true Marylander has done, or will plan to do.

I’m sure I’ll forget a few things but I’ll start out west and bring it to the beach.

  1. See the highest point in Maryland, Keyser’s Ridge 
  2. Go fishing at Deep Creek Lake and not catch shit
  3. Win a game of Beer Pong at Frostburg State
  4. Stop at Sideling Hill on Interstate 68
  5. Travel on the metro from terminal to terminal and get motion sickness
  6. Watch the Maryland Terrapins play West Virginia in football
  7. Watch the Baltimore Orioles beat the Yankees in Camden Yards
  8. Attend O.A.R.’s concert at Merriweather
  9. Eat a sandwich named after a politician at Chick and Ruth’s 
  10. Cross the Bay Bridge
  11. Catch a Striped Bass over 18 inches in the Bay
  12. Drink a handful of National Bohemian beers
  13. Get grossed out from the smell of Chicken Farms
  14. Eat a proper Crab Cake (from a place like Chesapeake Landing)
  15. Acquire a Maryland flag and fly it proudly
  16. Quote Wedding Crashers’ “Crabcakes and football” line when you play football
  17. Own at least 7 articles of Under Armour
  18. See The War on The Shore between Salisbury and Washington
  19. Hunt for Big Liz in the Blackwater Refuge in Dorchester Co.
  20. Jump from an old wooden bridge into a river (or tire swing)
  21. Get evicted from your hotel room during Senior Week