So… I picked the right time to start writing up blogutations again, didn’t I? Hoodie muflippin’ Allen hits us up side the head with the debut single off All Americanoh, plus a corresponding music video with two fine ass girls riding around in a Dodge Charger (more on that later).

All American is Hoodie’s first attempt at an all original EP, normally my man takes cool songs and makes them cooler by spitting over some reworked beat i.e. “You Are Not a Robot”, “Words of Wisdom” etc. This is a cool way to gain notoriety within the blogosphere, but a pretty shitty way to get rich. So just as NHL entry level contracts run out, so does free music. It’s time we start giving Hoodie Allen money so he can ride in the backseats of better cars. Sorry bud, Mercedes SL65 > Any Dodge ever.

Buy “No Interuption” off iTunes

Check the video after the jump