Georgia Avenue is a major north-south artery in Northwest Washington, D.C. and Montgomery County, Maryland. Within the District of Columbia and a short distance in Silver Spring, Maryland, Georgia Avenue is also U.S. Route 29. Both Howard University and Walter Reed Army Medical Center are located on Georgia Avenue.

Georgia Avenue begins north of Florida Avenue, which was the boundary of the Old City, and is a continuation of 7th Street. Traveling northward, the street passes Howard University and Fort Stevens. At Eastern Avenue, the road crosses into Montgomery County and passes through Silver Spring.

Where it crosses Colesville Road a mile into Maryland, Georgia Avenue splits off U.S. Route 29 and becomes Maryland State Highway 97. Georgia Avenue ends at the boundary with Howard County, where it becomes Roxbury Mills Road. The total length of the road is about 24 miles (39 km), of which 5 miles (8 km) are in Washington, D.C.

Georgia Avenue was originally named 7th Street Extended, and later Brightwood Avenue, before receiving its present name. Prior to this, Potomac Avenue in Southeast Washington was called Georgia Avenue.

The Montgomery County Planning Board is undertaking a concept study to provide “a design framework for future master plans and projects from the District of Columbia to Howard County.” The study covers each neighborhood in the corridor, examining pedestrian safety, urban design, and public transportation issues.

Every June, Washington holds the D.C. Caribbean Carnival, which includes a parade down the lower portion of Georgia Avenue, an area that is home to many Caribbean immigrants.