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So it’s been quite awhile since I’ve blogged. I’m currently thinking of revising the methods of procedure here, and maybe a name change.


Maybe a song a day. Maybe the song I’m really digging. Not so much as posting the next big thing or latest piece of shit thrown together by Lil’ Wayne, but actual art.

So… I picked the right time to start writing up blogutations again, didn’t I? Hoodie muflippin’ Allen hits us up side the head with the debut single off All Americanoh, plus a corresponding music video with two fine ass girls riding around in a Dodge Charger (more on that later).

All American is Hoodie’s first attempt at an all original EP, normally my man takes cool songs and makes them cooler by spitting over some reworked beat i.e. “You Are Not a Robot”, “Words of Wisdom” etc. This is a cool way to gain notoriety within the blogosphere, but a pretty shitty way to get rich. So just as NHL entry level contracts run out, so does free music. It’s time we start giving Hoodie Allen money so he can ride in the backseats of better cars. Sorry bud, Mercedes SL65 > Any Dodge ever.

Buy “No Interuption” off iTunes

Check the video after the jump

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Fuckin’ right Wale Wednesday!

Wale-Rack City (freestyle) feat. Black Cobain

What’s really hood?

Okay, real talk it’s been a while since I’ve blogged some shit. I guess I don’t have very much to say nowadays. All I know is this is my jam.

“You wasn’t wit me shootin’ in the gym…”

Rick Ross-Stay Schemin’ feat. French Montana & Drake

We’ve posted Birdy before, right?

“Skinny Love” cover methinks. Well here she blantely rips off poor Ben Gibbard.

Man shit be crazy sometimes, I mean like I want to post up shit sometimes but then I stop caring and quit because it takes too much effort (it actually doesn’t)… but I’m waiting for the Caps game to start (and The Office to air) so in the meantime let us bring back Throwback Thursday.

Who else? Clipse. Shouts to Malice, Pusha, VA Beach and the entire 703 yaaadig.

Clipse-The Funeral



Here’s the deal. I’m posting this for you. I haven’t watched/listened to it yet. I’m trying hard to not predispose myself to Ambition, I’m waiting til’ 11.1.11 when it comes out.

So enjoy this, spoil your ears. I’ll wait til’ Tuesday.

I love gettin’ e-mails from Hoodie, he always sends me the best shit (his new material). Well, this time is no different. Today I was fortunate enough to receive the link to the “James Franco” music video.

MTV doesn’t play ’em, but Noah does!

p.s. If you see this Hoodie, can we get that “Can’t Hold Me Down” video next?

p.p.s. Don’t forget to grab that Leap Year mixtape here!

Blah blah blah Rick Ross something something something joke in poor taste…

I seriously contemplated not listening to this song so I could hear it fresh once I copped Ambition (due out 11.11.11), but I broke down and listened to it. I’ll leave it at that.
p.s. If you’re dying to know, I enjoy it.

Wale-Focused featuring Kid Cudi

I just heard this song last Friday, I like the Drums and I love this song. Whattttup.

The Drums-Money