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I just heard this song last Friday, I like the Drums and I love this song. Whattttup.

The Drums-Money

I know, I know. Summer has been over but as George Clinton said in House Party:

“Yeah, I did it, I might cry two tears in a bucket. Fuck it. Let’s take it to the stage.”

I seriously meant to share this little collaboration of 21 songs (as usual) a long time ago, I literally compiled this playlist during August for kind of a last ditch thing to play during your Labor day party or a sweet little road trip. Today we have some good songs, some which still garner the occasional radio spin. Enjoy the musical stylings of Death Cab, Fitz, Brett Dennen and others.

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Okay, here’s the deal (and this may come as a surprise) but I fuckin’ love Blink-182, I was disappointed when the went on hiatus and I’m elated that I’m currently listening to their most recent material. “Dammit” was one of the first songs I really remember hearing back in the ’90’s and it’s one of those songs that has stayed with me, especially through the college years. And during those college years other songs in Blink’s repertoire harken back to better (and worse) days. Always playing “Anthem Part II” on the redneck bar’s jukebox and putting away rum & cokes, jogging around campus with “Shut Up” and “Josie” on my running playlist and then the times when “Dammit” gave me enough courage to walk with my head up after a tough split. Blink-182 has been making power moves for quite a while, and they’re one of my favourite bands.

Fact 1. I possess every single album Blink has put out in my iTunes Library

Fact 2. Travis Barker is the greatest drummer ever. That’s right I went there

Now with all that jargon out of the bag, shan’t we get down to the nitty gritty?

Neighborhoods is pretty straight, it’s kind of what would happen if (+44) and Angels and Airwaves had a illegitimate love child… that was a joke.

This new album has some cool standout tracks i.e. “Heart’s All Gone” and “Mh 4.18.2011” but then there’s some tracks that if you told me they were from I-Empire, I’d probably believe you… “Snake Charmer”. At the end of the day we have a new Blunk-182 album and isn’t that worth 5 stars on it’s on merit?

President Gerald Ford, 3/5

Okay, let me begin this post with saying that I’ve been to a few concerts one was Pearl Jam at the Verizon Center (tickets were free), and the other two were singer/songwriters at a small coffee shop (I don’t really count those) and most recently native Marylanders O.A.R. at Merriweather Post Pavilion. This certain stop on their summer tour is a pretty big deal, for one because it’s home and secondly it’s the last show of the tour.

I was pretty skeptical in the months prior, primarily because I didn’t know very much of their catalog and also because Eddie Vedder put me off from seeing musicians live. But as the 13th approached I was getting more and more excited, I began listening to more and more of O.A.R.’s classic material… “Black Rock”, “City On Down”, “Hey Girl” etc. and even their latest album King.

In short the show was awe inspiring and I’ll be sure to make the trip to Columbia next summer to see them. Each and every song was unique to that show, you can bet you’ll never hear the same song played the same way twice. I only knew 12 of the 21 songs they played, but that didn’t matter. The song that won me over was “Lay Down” from Stories of a Stranger, they interjected the chorus from Talib Kwali’s “Get By”. Awesome. From that point on (the 7th song) I became an O.A.R. fan for life.

The concert was far from over at that point, fellow DMV’ers Virginia Collective and SOJA (I’ll post up some of their songs later) jumped on stage for a finale and played Bob Marley’s “Stir It Up” AND I won a poster that was signed by each member of O.A.R. and all I had to do was donate a dollar and spin a wheel!

O.A.R.-Black Rock

O.A.R.-Lay Down

O.A.R.-That Was A Crazy Game Of Poker

I want to make an abbreviated post with one or two songs from this weekend, a departure from my dismantling of the Orioles as seen in the previous entry. So, here’s some The Head and The Heart & some Kreayshawn.

The Head and the Heart-Lost In My Mind

Kreayshawn-Gucci, Gucci

p.s. If you’re ever in Dorchester, Caroline or Talbot county(ies) go eat at Suicide Bridge Restaurant, it’s the bee’s knees and comes highly recommended from this guy. Get the broiled crab cakes, and if you don’t like crab cakes why the hell are you in Maryland? Crabcakes and football bitches.


Remember a few days ago when I posted Scars On 45?

Good, I like that you pay attention.

I mentioned in that post Scars On 45 were playing aboard the Harbor Queen and riding down the Severn River, well next week The Civil Wars will be doing the same type of concert. Listen to “Barton Hallow” below and pick your tickets up at Watermark’s Website.

After doing a bit of research on The Civil Wars I learned that Maryland was a state divided and on occasion brothers fought brothers… that was a joke. I actually learned The Civil Wars are great live, I mean seriously great. It would be a prudent choice for you to go on this particular Rock ‘N River Cruise. To persuade you I’ve added 2 additional songs, both covers. Give them a spin.

The Civil Wars-Barton Hallow

The Civil Wars-Disarm (Smashing Pumpkins Cover)

The Civil Wars-Billie Jean (Michael Jackson Cover)


Scars on 45 are a group of British blokes who probably fancy a little football and a pint or two down at the local pub. I’ve really been digging “Give Me Something”, and if WRNR didn’t do their Rock ‘n River cruises on the weekday; I’d go to this one.

What more could you ask for? Red Hot & Blue BBQ, the soothing sounds of Scars On 45 and some pretty nice views from the Severn River. For 25 quid (that’s English slang for bucks) you can join them for a relaxing cruise and a nice little Wednesday night. Buy yo tickets!

Scars On 45-Give Me Something


The other day I mentioned a summery mixtape/playlist, this song is most definitely on that.

“Windows rolled down, the sun is setting high”

This song oozes summer, and screams of driving down the road on the way to go fishing on the Bay.

Amos Lee-Windows Are Rolled Down

First, let me say fuck the Boston Red Sox and Big Papi. You have absolutely zero class. You people bitch and complain about the littlest fucking thing, I’ve had enough. There’s no question, I hate the Yankees and prior to last night’s game I had no real issues with the Sox fans. Here’s a news flash, most of you are fair weather fans and 95% of you don’t know who Bill Buckner was. You’re no longer welcomed at Camden Yards. Just because you can’t afford a game at Fenway doesn’t give you the right to invade the stadia of the 29 other teams.

p.s. Kevin Gregg should be inducted to the Orioles Hall of Fame today. Damn I wish one of his haymakers would have landed on that steroid-infused fat Dominican chin.

Okay, on to the music. I’ve been soaking up a lot of radio lately and abstaining from the blogosphere. This benefits all parties. Here’s a track that gets some regular rotations on WRNR but is absent from

Brett Dennen-Comeback Kid (That’s My Dog)

p.p.s. I haven’t forgotten about Georgia Ave, and I’m trying to cobble together a summer mixtape.

If you’ve never been to Pittsburgh, don’t bother making the trip.

First off, let me explain I took a brief roadtrip/vacation to the Steel city to see my Orioles play the Pirates for (what I suspect was) the first series against Baltimore since 1971… A wise O’s fan would have stopped there; let the people of Pittsburgh have their fun in celebrating one of the greatest upsets in World Series history. I, however, thought to myself “The Pirates fucking suck, this should be an easy sweep and Pirates fans can’t give me guff; for each team is rubbish.”

For the most part we birds fans flocked together, stayed at the same hotel, took the same route back to shuttle and generally ate at the same places. Now despite the 2 losses to a crap team, I had an okay time. We didn’t drive into the city, so we never got lost and around 99.5% of the Pirates fans we met were amicable and generally great people… two of you guys were drunk jackasses (who probably mistook my girlfriend and me for Ravens fans).

Time to air some grievances. Primanti Brothers fuckin sucks. The end. Put more meat on your bitchwiches and don’t raise an eyebrow because we don’t want coleslaw on your fry-filled sandwiches. There’s a reason we don’t want your nasty slaw: It’s gross. Next, don’t think everyone from Maryland likes the Ravens. I like the Skins, and will root for the Colts when the time is right. Thirdly, fix your stupid town. Why aren’t your streets on a grid? It’s confusing and GPS’s don’t even know where they’re going.

After I returned, I did some of the most Marylander type things. I drank some Natty Boh out on the Eastern Bay (not far from the Chesapeake), listened to the Orioles stomp down on Cincinnati and caught a few Rockfish… and had a crabcake for dinner. I had to purge the Shittsburgh out of my system.

Wiz Khalifa-Pittsburgh Sound (All In My Blood)

Rusted Root-Send Me On My Way

p.s. Bet you didn’t know Rusted Root are from Pittsburgh.

p.p.s. Fuck the Penguins… and your damn zoo. DC’s zoo is free bitches.