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So… I picked the right time to start writing up blogutations again, didn’t I? Hoodie muflippin’ Allen hits us up side the head with the debut single off All Americanoh, plus a corresponding music video with two fine ass girls riding around in a Dodge Charger (more on that later).

All American is Hoodie’s first attempt at an all original EP, normally my man takes cool songs and makes them cooler by spitting over some reworked beat i.e. “You Are Not a Robot”, “Words of Wisdom” etc. This is a cool way to gain notoriety within the blogosphere, but a pretty shitty way to get rich. So just as NHL entry level contracts run out, so does free music. It’s time we start giving Hoodie Allen money so he can ride in the backseats of better cars. Sorry bud, Mercedes SL65 > Any Dodge ever.

Buy “No Interuption” off iTunes

Check the video after the jump

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I love gettin’ e-mails from Hoodie, he always sends me the best shit (his new material). Well, this time is no different. Today I was fortunate enough to receive the link to the “James Franco” music video.

MTV doesn’t play ’em, but Noah does!

p.s. If you see this Hoodie, can we get that “Can’t Hold Me Down” video next?

p.p.s. Don’t forget to grab that Leap Year mixtape here!

So, It’s hot as balls out here. At one point in time my handy dandy Weather Channel iPhone app informed me it was 112 degrees… now that may not phase many of you, but since I’m a budding horticulturalist I work outside between semesters. Needless to say I could have used a change of shirt after 5 minutes of pruning and weeding.

Anyways, my iPhone did another thing today besides informing me of how goddamn hot it was. It informed me via email that Mr. Allen sent over a fresh new track from Leap Year that came with the video.

And a free download link for all you readers!

Be on the lookout for Leap Year on the 26th.

Hoodie Allen-The Chase Is On :download: 

Hit the jump for the official music video.

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If you don’t listen to Hoodie Allen, then fuck you.

In all seriousness, the highly anticipated Leap Year driggity drops on July 26th… also referred to as two weeks from tomorrow. He’s also planning a nice little nationwide tour, here go some dates:

Spoiler: Notably absent is MARYLAND. What. The. Fuck. Broseph Libermann?

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Katy Perry #CanGetIt.

I had a blue Gators hat that was the object of affection for this girl who I’m pretty sure had a crush on me, she would consistently try to take it and I would always get it back. I get most of my hats back that girls nab, my Duke hat, my Nationals hat and my fraternity hat… but there’s always one that gets away. My 1970’s Orioles hat. It was snatched during a sorority formal at Deep Creek Lake, I had it since 10th grade and it was perfectly broken in. I miss it.

In the trials and tribulations of the Major League Baseball franchise that is the Washington Nationals, they’ve had some pretty big screw ups. Most include spelling errors and mistimed fireworks, but you didn’t think they’d really play Cee Lo’s “F— You”, did you?

Each home game the Nationals honor injured veterans during the 3rd inning, in fact they reserve nearly 30 seats right behind home plate (those tickets would usually go for around $150 a piece to you and I) just for these brave men and women. It’s a warm and fuzzy moment and always results in a standing ovation, it’s typically sound tracked by “God Bless the USA”, “Where the Stars & Stripes & The Eagle Fly” etc.

Well… not this time. This time the Nationals chose to switch things up and use a recently recorded version of “F— You” with all the objectionable lyrics switched around to bring recognition to America’s fire fighters. As you would expect this created quite a stir in Nationals Park, even though it was in good taste. Except them to go back to playing the America-centric songs of the past.

Angry Birds Rio is supposed to update today, in the meantime watch this.

I normally do Throwback Thursday and include a hip-hop/rap song, but I’m switching that up today with a song I heard in Food Lion yesterday (I bought a mango).

Who doesn’t like some old school alternative rock, which would have been played by 99.1 WHFS? Also let’s post up the video too!

Toad The Wet Sprocket-Good Intentions

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I don’t care how many times I have to say this but Pusha T is one of the best ever. Ever.

Maybe you didn’t hear me. I said ever.