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So it’s been quite awhile since I’ve blogged. I’m currently thinking of revising the methods of procedure here, and maybe a name change.


Maybe a song a day. Maybe the song I’m really digging. Not so much as posting the next big thing or latest piece of shit thrown together by Lil’ Wayne, but actual art.

What’s really hood?

Okay, real talk it’s been a while since I’ve blogged some shit. I guess I don’t have very much to say nowadays. All I know is this is my jam.

“You wasn’t wit me shootin’ in the gym…”

Rick Ross-Stay Schemin’ feat. French Montana & Drake

I didn’t know who the hell Joelstics was prior to this morning.

Well thanks to his myspace (yeah, that still exists) he’s from Australia, his real name is Joel Ma and he’s a self confessed hip-hop head (we’ll take the high road here and abstain from the kangaroo jokes). Joel is also a member of TZU, who are rather large down under from what I gather.

Isn’t that the beauty of the internet, I can enjoy someone’s music from nearly 11,000 miles away. Now listen to this while I look up TZU and more Joelistics.


Day 5, a song that reminds me of someone.

This was easy for me, as two songs basically both remind me of the same person. I won’t post both the original by the Kooks, but instead share the cover version by Lily Allen. I think I’ve said on here before that a certain song reminds me of my favourite semester, when I pledged, well this on takes me back to taking naps in Sowers hall after class and sharing a meaningful friendship that I’ve since lost for the most part.

For days 1 through 4 peep here, and come back tomorrow for a song that reminds me of somewhere.

Lily Allen-Naïve

I woke up feeling even worse.

Here’s some Wale since it’s the 3rd day of the week.

Wale-I’m Ill

I took three semesters worth of French in high school and I still have no idea what Yelle is talking about. “Do I care?” you may ask and I shall reply with a simple “Non, J”adore Yelle”. She can whisper sweet nothings in my ear in her native toungue and I shan’t worry about what she’s saying.

Here’s Yelle’s newest release that literally translates to “What do you”.

Yelle-Que Veux-tu

Holy shit! I made it work. Sorry but I’m still a little green when it comes to posting videos.

Anyway, apparently there was a huge awards ceremony handing out golden gramophones… I didn’t watch. Probably for the best, I would have thrown the remote through the damn tv had I seen Eminem accepting an award for best rap solo. That’s fucking gay, Eminem is neither talented nor a rapper. But I digress. If you actually watched the Grammys you would have seen this mind-blowing performance… I mean damn Mumford & Sons! Get it! Secondly, is their anything better than watching some up and coming artists jam on “Maggie’s Farm” with one of their idols?

Hey! Remember that Childish Gambino remix I gave y’all?

Well here’s Adele’s original and the xx remix, because it’s a slow day.

Adele-Rolling In The Deep

Adele-Rolling In The Deep (The xx Remix)