I know, I know. Summer has been over but as George Clinton said in House Party:

“Yeah, I did it, I might cry two tears in a bucket. Fuck it. Let’s take it to the stage.”

I seriously meant to share this little collaboration of 21 songs (as usual) a long time ago, I literally compiled this playlist during August for kind of a last ditch thing to play during your Labor day party or a sweet little road trip. Today we have some good songs, some which still garner the occasional radio spin. Enjoy the musical stylings of Death Cab, Fitz, Brett Dennen and others.

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Okay, here’s the deal (and this may come as a surprise) but I fuckin’ love Blink-182, I was disappointed when the went on hiatus and I’m elated that I’m currently listening to their most recent material. “Dammit” was one of the first songs I really remember hearing back in the ’90’s and it’s one of those songs that has stayed with me, especially through the college years. And during those college years other songs in Blink’s repertoire harken back to better (and worse) days. Always playing “Anthem Part II” on the redneck bar’s jukebox and putting away rum & cokes, jogging around campus with “Shut Up” and “Josie” on my running playlist and then the times when “Dammit” gave me enough courage to walk with my head up after a tough split. Blink-182 has been making power moves for quite a while, and they’re one of my favourite bands.

Fact 1. I possess every single album Blink has put out in my iTunes Library

Fact 2. Travis Barker is the greatest drummer ever. That’s right I went there

Now with all that jargon out of the bag, shan’t we get down to the nitty gritty?

Neighborhoods is pretty straight, it’s kind of what would happen if (+44) and Angels and Airwaves had a illegitimate love child… that was a joke.

This new album has some cool standout tracks i.e. “Heart’s All Gone” and “Mh 4.18.2011” but then there’s some tracks that if you told me they were from I-Empire, I’d probably believe you… “Snake Charmer”. At the end of the day we have a new Blunk-182 album and isn’t that worth 5 stars on it’s on merit?

President Gerald Ford, 3/5

This whole debate over Maryland’s new football uniforms has got me thinking, we are a proud state (the best damn state in the union) and don’t take kindly to all the talking heads on ESPN and other outlets calling them “Hideous”. That’s our state’s flag everyone is insulting. I have had one hanging in my room since 2009, and it’s comprised of the most beautiful colors in the spectrum (I also have 2 pairs of socks and a fraternity hoodie with an old flag used as the material for the letters).

What I’d like to do in this post is make a list of the things that a true Marylander has done, or will plan to do.

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Sorry it’s been a while, the fan in my laptop decided to cease to be. I just got the new part and fixed it whilst at work (I couldn’t wait) and downloaded Lil’ Wayne’s newest. So you know what that means… The last time we did an album review it was Watch The Throne, I went in with low expectations and was greatly rewarded with my favourite hip-hop album since Tha Carter I… That’s foreshadowing in two ways: a. I went into Carter IV with low expectations and b. For my money Lil’ Wayne hasn’t come close to making an album like I or II, and I will always judge any new material he releases to those first two installments of the now Carter quintology (I think I just made that word up… but fuck it).

Okay, with that little preface over let’s get on to the meat and potatoes. Lil’ Wayne released this album on my Birthday, which was Monday if you forgot (you know who you are). August 29th. Now I don’t know if it was Wayne’s personal gift to me and only me, or a tribute to Katrina victims since she hit the N.O. on the 29th in ’05. Probably neither and certainly not the prior, but whatever. Thank you Lil’ Wayne for your thoughtful gift, I’ve never been so honoured.

As was with Jay and ‘Ye’s album, the critics seem to be getting their shots in. Which I reckon is fashionable, but seems pointless to me. We all knew what we were getting with both Tha Carter IV and Watch The Throne, and while one fascinated me the other just held my attention enough for me to like it with the exception of a couple tracks.

Lil’ Wayne should not do several things:

  1. Sing
  2. Rap slowly and gayly about his lame feelings
  3. Featuring motherfuckers on HIS album

I have no use for Drake, T-Pain, whoever the fuck Cory Gunz is, Rick Ross, Tech N9ne (for the record Andre 3000 and John Legend were alright with me), Bruno Mars, Jadakiss and Shyne after his incarceration.

At this point in the review I’m still listening to the album, and I just skipped over “How To Love”. I don’t have time for that gay shit. The next track is a bit of a follow-up to “Dr. Carter”, it’s called “President Carter”. While Jimmy Carter was just some hick from Georgia, “President Carter” serves as reminder of what Lil’ Wayne’s was. That’s right, I said was. I and II were never had poppy type songs, and maybe that’s what separates a good rapper from a historically great one. I once thought Lil’ Wayne was one of the best ever, right after Jay-Z, but there are too many songs in his catalog like “Lollipop” and “How To Love”. Name a song of that nature by A Tribe Called Quest, Kanye and even Jay, you can’t.

To be fair Tha Carter IV is much better than IIIĀ  but it’s still Lil’ Wayne at his most commercial, and that’s fine. Make your money Wayne, I ain’t hatin’. No Pres. Carter here, President Roosevelt (The good one).

President Theodore Roosevelt 4/5

I’m a little under the weather, I think that spell of cold weather got to me. I’m sort of like a pineapple, give me sun, some water and 90 degree weather and I’m a happy camper. When it dips in the 70s and 80s, I’m just no good.

Anyway, one of my favourite songs from the 90’s was Whitetown’s “Your Woman”. Well, White Panda mashed it up with the vocals from “Ice Cream Paint Job”

That’s enough words. More Simply Orange with Mango for me.

The White Panda-Your Woman (Whitetown v. Dorrough)

Okay, let me begin this post with saying that I’ve been to a few concerts one was Pearl Jam at the Verizon Center (tickets were free), and the other two were singer/songwriters at a small coffee shop (I don’t really count those) and most recently native Marylanders O.A.R. at Merriweather Post Pavilion. This certain stop on their summer tour is a pretty big deal, for one because it’s home and secondly it’s the last show of the tour.

I was pretty skeptical in the months prior, primarily because I didn’t know very much of their catalog and also because Eddie Vedder put me off from seeing musicians live. But as the 13th approached I was getting more and more excited, I began listening to more and more of O.A.R.’s classic material… “Black Rock”, “City On Down”, “Hey Girl” etc. and even their latest album King.

In short the show was awe inspiring and I’ll be sure to make the trip to Columbia next summer to see them. Each and every song was unique to that show, you can bet you’ll never hear the same song played the same way twice. I only knew 12 of the 21 songs they played, but that didn’t matter. The song that won me over was “Lay Down” from Stories of a Stranger, they interjected the chorus from Talib Kwali’s “Get By”. Awesome. From that point on (the 7th song) I became an O.A.R. fan for life.

The concert was far from over at that point, fellow DMV’ers Virginia Collective and SOJA (I’ll post up some of their songs later) jumped on stage for a finale and played Bob Marley’s “Stir It Up” AND I won a poster that was signed by each member of O.A.R. and all I had to do was donate a dollar and spin a wheel!

O.A.R.-Black Rock

O.A.R.-Lay Down

O.A.R.-That Was A Crazy Game Of Poker

Does this post really need any explanation?

Hell, it doesn’t even need a fucking title. Honestly, all I have to say is this shit is great. Go buy it.

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New Wale! That’s pretty cool right?

It’s pretty clear dc is an extremely diverse area, from all the little Asian markets in Montgomery county to the African restaurants in the U Street corridor. This is the main reason I love the city and her surrounding counties, you can learn so much if you’re open minded to other people’s beliefs and cultures. A very wise man once said “the more I travel, the less I know”. I don’t pretend to know everything, and I certainly don’t possess the ability to dissect Wale’s lyrics in this one. So I won’t even try. Enjoy!

Wale-No One Be Like You

I want to make an abbreviated post with one or two songs from this weekend, a departure from my dismantling of the Orioles as seen in the previous entry. So, here’s some The Head and The Heart & some Kreayshawn.

The Head and the Heart-Lost In My Mind

Kreayshawn-Gucci, Gucci

p.s. If you’re ever in Dorchester, Caroline or Talbot county(ies) go eat at Suicide Bridge Restaurant, it’s the bee’s knees and comes highly recommended from this guy. Get the broiled crab cakes, and if you don’t like crab cakes why the hell are you in Maryland? Crabcakes and football bitches.

It looks as if the lockout will be ending here within the next 24hrs and the means football is back.

The Redskins always seemed to rescue me from the complete ineptitude that is the Baltimore Orioles once the All-Star break was reached. The intriguing story lines surrounding the Skins reeled me in from the vast sea of baseball, and the Orioles are always my reef. This summer seems different; although not as different as the spring felt. Spring was filled with hope, the feeling the Birds were on their way to rise above their underachieving ways… maybe win one or two relevant games in September and battle with the AL East heavyweights right down to the wire. As always those hopes were dashed long ago, right around the same time Britton starting getting roughed up and the acquisition of Vlad seemed to be a swing and a miss. Fingers have been pointed, heads have been called to roll and players are on the proverbial chopping block. For some reason I’ve stuck through watching and listening to this abomination, not in hopes of the team turning their fortunes around, but in hopes that I can somehow figure out a way to stop the bleeding. But trainwrecks aren’t easily fixed. I’ve been reading Moneyball, the story of Billy Beane fielding a winning team with limited resources. This particular book makes finding players a science instead of a crapshoot, and it sounds so easy. The Orioles have money to spend, but rarely do so and when they do it never turns out in their best interest (with the exception of Miguel Tejada). A whole lot of fans have thought all is fixed with the addition of a Mr. Prince Fielder, while he would almost certainly help, he would change the losing culture. The losing ways will take years to change, it starts with ousting the current amateur scouts. These guys have motives and gamble far too frequently for a team in our position. It comes down to drafting High School players, which the Orioles have done frequently in the past and few have worked out. In this most recent draft Dylan Bundy was selected, he has a high asking price and a long way to go before he suits up in orange and black. College players typically are more prudent selections who pan out at a higher percentile. Inexplicably the Orioles continue to gamble, and we have nothing to show for it down on the farm.

The fans complain that the Orioles aren’t spending enough, or the Yankees and Red Sox are spending too much. Neither are the problem. The problem is the inability to recognize true talent in the deeper rounds of the draft.

Okay, I’m getting off my soapbox. Here’s my favourite football-centric song, one in which Wale name drops several Redskins. So throw on your Sean Taylor jersey and get ready for another terrible season by the Skins… Hey, at least we have the Caps to root for.

Wale-Touch The Sky