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Awww man! I waited so long for this moment. I actually wanted to post the 29 minute version, but this is more satisfactory for me. No one has a half hour to waste watching shit on the internet, let’s trim it to 5.

I also have the latest track to be released from the Hot Sauce Committee pt. 2, which can be called a bonus if you so choose. It’s got Santigold, and as far as I’m concerned the Beasties are back… but I think I said that before.

Beastie Boys-Don’t Play No Game I Can’t Win featuring Santigold

I tried really hard to find you people the “Make Some Noise” video, but I still can’t figure out how to embed things from mtv.

Any way here’s the Beastie Boy’s newest track from the Hot Sauce Committee pt. 2 due out May 3rd.

Beastie Boys-Say It

Also the Beastie’s are planning a surprise at Madison Square Garden (insert Knicks joke here).

Let’s keep these multiple Beastie Boys posts going!

Another new-ish track… Well to be honest Passion Pit remixed the Beastie’s new single. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting excited for Hot Sauce Committee, pt 2.


Beastie Boys-Make Some Noise (Passion Pit Remix)

Well, since their new track was released the other day let’s keep it up with some classic Beasties… but which track should I pick? I don’t even know. Maybe the last played song in my iTunes, that should be “Shake Your Rump” but I didn’t look yet.

Hmm, the last played was “She’s Crafty”… Let’s do it!

Beastie Boys-She’s Crafty

Doesn’t it seem like forever ago you heard about Hot Sauce Committee, pt. 1 with that track featuring Nasir?

I was wondering whatever happened to that whole deal, I mean I knew MCA had the C-word and they kinda went on a hiatus but I wondered when if ever we would get another album. Thankfully MCA beat that shit, and we’ll get a new album on May, 3rd.

Anyways, here’s a single from that new album (I hesitate to say “1st single”, since “Too Many Rappers” was already released).

Beastie Boys-Make Some Noise