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Now you guys know that I’m pretty excited to get back home, hell I did two mixtapes dedicated to Easton, Md. The last track of the most recent tape (pt. Deux [The Sequel]) was Adele’s “Hometown Glory”. I’ve really been getting in to it for the last couple days and after the obligatory look-up on Wikipedia, I learned that two of most notable upcoming rappers sampled it. Big Sean and Big K.R.I.T. both did a great job, but I’m going with K.R.I.T. and his inclusion of one of my favourite lines from a sports movie.

Adele-Hometown Glory

Big K.R.I.T.-Hometown Hero

Big Sean-Hometown

If you haven’t heard by now Big Sean does it. Boi.

Here’s the second single off Finally Famous, which will be released June 21st. In other news I have to go to the library now to write a 5 pager on the (il)legality of Arizona State Bill 1070. So don’t expect any posts unless I procrastinate more or something big drops i.e. Wale’s next single or Hoodie’s Leap Year, but I think both of those are weeks away.

Big Sean-I Do It

…and the award for “Longest Title” goes too…

Yeah, more dupstep. Still not crazy about it and I’m pretty sure to change around any beat Xaphoon produced is blasphemy… but I haven’t had my coffee yet, so I may be prone to make questionable judgments.

Big Sean-Too Fake (Captured By Kings Dub Remix) featuring Chiddy Bang

It’s about damn time that someone did something productive with this beat, even though I don’t care for Drake or what Weezy has become over the last 5 years… but I do like me some Big Sean.

“I’ll take the purple and pour dat all in the Sprite, all in the Sprite”

I’m not even gonna lie, that line of Drake‘s made me laugh out loud.

I hear this is “unfinished”, so that leaves me to wonder if someone is planning a nice little mixtape before dropping Tha Carter IV.

Lil Wayne-All Of The Lights (Remix) featuring Big Sean & Drake

Yes he did.

The other week I was commended on being the first of masses to really be on Wiz Khalifa, I can’t really take credit. To be fair, I probably would have jumped on the bandwagon like the rest of my peers if my friend hadn’t played “Say Yeah” back in like 2008. Anyway, for you follow Frosburgers, Wiz will be playing at WVU next week… I declined to go simply due to the fact that Snoop Doggy Dogg would be performing with him. #Idontlikewestcoastrap.

Wiz Khalifa-Cabin Fever

Wiz Khalifa-Gang Bang featuring Big Sean

Download: Cabin Fever (Mixtape)