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Fuckin’ right Wale Wednesday!

Wale-Rack City (freestyle) feat. Black Cobain

I’m pleased to announce Wale Wednesday comes early, he and his fellow DMV homie just released the official video for 4 a.m.

This makes me happy… but I’m still waiting for The Black and Gold vid.

Boom, Pow, Slap, Bam!

New Wale.  Sorry for all the onamonapias, but that’s just how I feel. Today marks the third (3) day in a row in which Mr. Folarin dropped a new jaunt via tweet. For Thursday’s track he goes in with his Board of Administration and fellow DMV homie Black Cobain… and that makes sense since it’s what we in the DMV call Cobizzy Thursdays.

What can I say about “4 a.m.”? It’s fucking great, it’s a throwback to Wale’s Paint a Picture & Hate Is The New Love sound. This is what I thought his album would be like, this is the Wale that we all know and love… No need for Wacka or Rick Ross.

“When drama ensues, niggas Ndamukong Suh/Ol lyin’ ass, defensive ass boys”

Wale-4 a.m. featuring Black Cobain

Ed. Note: The image above will now be the official picture to go along with any new Wale track. Rest in peace S. 21.