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It’s way too hot, according to TWC it felt like 103 degrees here today. I swear it hasn’t rained the entire time I’ve been home from school. If Jimmy McMillan were here, he’d say the temperature is too damn high.

It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, I hope it does. It’s even too hot to mess around on these internets.

Bob Dylan-Summer Days

Chiddy Bang-Heatwave featuring Mac Miller, Trae the Truth & Casey Veggies

New Chiddy!

Chiddy Bang are supposedly releasing a song each and every day up until their release of Peanut Butter & Swelly. Here’s the newest of the new.

Chiddy Bang-When You’ve Got Music

…and the award for “Longest Title” goes too…

Yeah, more dupstep. Still not crazy about it and I’m pretty sure to change around any beat Xaphoon produced is blasphemy… but I haven’t had my coffee yet, so I may be prone to make questionable judgments.

Big Sean-Too Fake (Captured By Kings Dub Remix) featuring Chiddy Bang

More Noah Beresin for your money, money. Shoulda got that insured, Geico for your money, money.

Yup, the title doesn’t lie. Why would it? New Chiddy Bang with Xaphoon Jones on the production and a courtesy verse from some douche rapping about Sidney Crosby. We ain’t got time for that Penguin bs. #playoffs # fuckcrybabycrosby #it’sactuallybaseballseason

Chiddy Bang-Heatwave featuring Mac Miller

Ed. Note: We have no problem with Mac Miller, or Pittsburgh (oft. referred to as “Shittsburgh”) but chill with the Pens. You people only like that franchise because they win… lets talk about the Pirates. Can we talk about your Pirates? They suck.

Ahhh, no class today. Jus’ watching reruns of How I met Your Mother and screwing around on the internets. We have a lot of new music today, including a whole damn mixtape.

Let’s keep this short. I’m still tired from watching the caps game last night, I don’t think I can take another 10pm or later puck drop. New Chiddy, Noah using some interesting samples. Big ups to 16 bit Sega Genesis shit.

Chiddy Bang-Baby Roulette

Well….. Kinda new. This came out Wednesday maybe, but it’s probably new to you. Ya dig?

Not too sure of the origin of the track you’re about to hear, it may a demo… it could be a rough track from their album due out in the spring. Who knows?

Chiddy Bang-Rebel

We’re a week or so in to the new year, and I still have quite a while ’till I return to my respective institution of higher learning. So why not make another list that highlights the year that was, musically speaking.

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Yesterday we started at 10 and went to 6, well today is the conclusion. Much more hip-hop/rap during this installment, and if you know me well #1 shan’t come as a surprise.

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