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I haven’t found any music I deem post worthy in quite awhile, which explains for the lack of posts. I don’t give two shits about a single from Goblin and I’m too lazy to listen to the Reptar EP… So here’s some RAC!

Phoenix-Armistice (RAC Mix)

Tracy Morgan & Donald GloverWerewolf Bar Mitzva (RAC Mix)

I’m not the biggest Fallon fan, but this was pretty cool. Stick around till the end for a little rap.

This was new yesterday, but as you know I was here… and that 7th inning stretch post was only like 7 minutes off.

Anyway, some new CG. R&B type singing, some rapping & witty punchlines… you know what to expect by now right?

Childish Gambino-Break

No reason for the togas, I just like toga parties and long text messages (segway).

New track from Childish Gambino, he was apparently drunk while making this one and it’s unmastered and unfinished.

Childish Gambino-The Longest Text Message

Reax: I’ve listened to this track four times in a row, and I can’t get enough. Which is funny, I saw it Sunday night and passed on playing it because CG downplayed it so much. I literally had crazy-low expectations, and it’s easily become my favourite song of his.

Yessssir! Today’s the day.

I’m giving it a listen now, “Be Alone” & “Freaks & Geeks” aren’t exactly new if you’re internet savvy.

I’m getting into “My Shine” now: My first impressions are that I’m surprised it’s sooooo polished, this is damn near album quality. This is defiantly Gambino’s foot in the door.

“Lights Turned On”: Wow, a really fast paced track. I dig it. I do feel like the beat could probably be a track on an Abercrombie soundtrack. Still my jam though.

“Not Going Back”: “I’m the boss, Micheal Scott” (Not exactly earth shattering but I’ll take it) I actually think this one is the standout track of the entire EP, and a great way to end it.

Childish Gambino-Lights Turned On

Childish Gambino-EP

Rating: President McKinley (5/5)

Visuals for Donald Glover’s lastest.

Yo, yo, yo. It’s been a few days and I’ve missed Throwback Thursday & Wale Wednesday, Constitutional Law is crazy… so sorry for my absence. But! I come back with fire like Mario after eating a flower.

Childish Gambino is back after that Adele jaunt with a leak from his upcoming EP Freaks & Geeks, which is due out in a month or so.

Childish Gambino-Freaks & Geeks

I’ve been a fan of Donald Glover for a while now, ever since Community first started airing. Technically, I was a fan before that sinceĀ  he wrote for my favourite show 30 Rock, I just didn’t really know it. His stand-up is hilarious and apparently he raps too… this was news to me as of last Sunday. I quickly snapped up Culdesac, and gave it a listen. I really liked what I heard, and didn’t expect him to actually rap. I sort of thought it was gonna be some joke rap, I couldn’t have been more incorrect. Check out Childish Gambino’s latest track, going in over Jaime’s (The xx) remix of Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep”.

Childish Gambino drops a filthy verse directed at an ex, and I love it.

Adele-Rolling In The Deep (The xx Remix) featuring Childish Gambino